Customary costumes of the Huli tribe

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This course is designed for the learners who want to understand Huli tribe living in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea upholding their traditions. The most fascinating part of the course is exploring the traditional Huli costumes. As the unique appearance of the Huli tribe has a great impact, this study highlights on the Huli way of painting face and body with red ochre and bright yellow clay, called Ambua which is considered sacred in their culture. Further, course throws light on the intricately decorated woven wigs for men and women made from their own hair as the wigs represent symbols of their customs and tradition.

During the course, learners will be introduced to how Huli men and woman decorate their bodies. As the Huli people follow their traditional dress and wigs according to culture and tradition, learners will be able to know how the change in Huli costume would happen matching the important occasions in every day’s living. The course is well designed to meet the educational needs of understanding of colourful Huli costumes.


  • High-quality content videos with hassle-free presentation.
  • A complete Learning Management System.
  • Easy assessment in the form of quizzes after each unit.
  • High-quality content videos with hassle-free presentation.
  • A complete Learning Management System.
  • Easy assessment in the form of quizzes after each unit.


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Unit 1

Background of the Huli Tribe
Introduction to costume culture
Quick review of Unit 1

Unit 2

Facial colouring
Wig culture
Quick review of Unit 2

Unit 3

Unique costumes of men
Traditional costumes of women
Quick review of Unit 3
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As 2020-21 has completely swept by pandemic, we are planning for the year 2023 to make a cultural tour to the Southern Highlands province of Papua New Guinea. The following we are going to plan -

  1. Meet with the Huli tribe and interview them.
  2. Interact with Huli tribe to understand their costume culture and take note of their inputs.
  3. Informal conversation with the young men and women about their colourful wigs and get their opinion on the existing social system.

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